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Walking A/r/tography through creative phenomenological wanderings


As an artist who seeks creativity as a way of being in the world, La Ricerca di Movimento is my current creative project, an exploration in a wandering-ology. In the spirit of Bachelard, Solnit, Husserl, and Relph, our sense of dwelling is not limited to interiors; rather it includes community, place, time, and the continuous interactions between all of those.  Thus movement is intrinsic to being, and particularly when creativity is an expression of being (for the artist) such wandering can dramatically enhance our sense of perception and awareness.

The photographs and mini videos presented here document a creative journey engaging with Place, literal and conceptual. My ongoing endeav discovers or creates swirling designs with the intention to unfold and manipulate motion/al imagery in a variety of ways during my own embodied movement across five continents. Often this expression is through the Celtic triskele, the ancient mark of my ancestors that to me symbolizes motion through time as well as space, or the Greek and Etruscan swirling wave.  I seek to utilize materials that are near to hand in the natural or built landscapes, to neither add unnatural debris nor deplete needed resources (no matter how minor it might seem).  I cherish the ethic and the idea that my artistic creation will make no more difference than the scampers of a squirrel across the forest floor.

I have made a case for embodied data collection through walking and wandering as supported by phenomenology as a philosophical framework and a research methodology.  Here, I turn these underpinnings towards creative processes that rely upon the body to perceive, conceive, and generate a visual expression of movement through space, to temporarily make manifest the fleeting gestures of motion.


This journey, this creative quest, begins in New Orleans and extends through Galveston Island, Barcelona, Idaho, Texas, and Australia (2019-2021). A fresh wave of Movimento marking experiences in 2022 include locations in Iceland, the Artic Circle, ancient Mycenae, Kalamata, Naxos and Rhodes, with additional locations planned for the upcoming two years.

Exhibitions of various Movimento works:

Faculty Biennial Exhibition, University of Texas at Arlington, 2023

Women at Work Art Exhibition, SP/N Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas

February 12-March 13, 2021

Moving Picture exhibit presentation (2019-2021):  La Ricerca di Movimento

Faculty Biennial Exhibition, University of Texas at Arlington, 2021

Women's Faculty Exhibition, University of Texas at Arlington, October 15-December 1, 2020.

Faculty Exhibition, Tarrant County College, Fall 2020.


Movimento in Motion, 2019-2021
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