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Classroom Teaching

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"Creating the City" Urban Art Education

Symposium (above) 

with Dr. Herman, Antonia Darder and Pepon Osorio panel discussion (below).


Service Learning in Rome


Home Rebuilding in New Orleans


University Course Teaching Practice

See CV for a complete list of teaching experience.

Global Aesthetics

A cross-cultural, global examination of philosophical and aesthetic issues in art, focusing on the relationship of contemporary art to a wide range of cultures, social issues, education, and 21st century visual production. 


Global artists presentation assignment and rubric

Technology in Art Education

Integration of technology in the art classroom for Art Education majors. This is a lab based course focused on developing strategies for utilizing and teaching a range of art making skills through technology.  New additions to this course for pre-service teachers include teaching through technology using a range of platforms for synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

Syllabus  Website Rubric   

Studies in Visual Culture: What Can Art Do?

(Designed this new course, first available summer 2023.)

During this season of extraordinary challenges and change, artists all over the world are leading and responding to the global conversation.  This course provides the opportunity to engage with the visualization of protest and social justice issues and ideas, the aesthetics of activism, and the particular ways that art is both a catalyst for change and an expression of the human experience in this setting. (Syllabus)


Course curriculum will include the following major topics:

  1. Global artists addressing BlackLivesMatter, anti-racism, and other social justice issues – primary topic.

  2. Protest art (handmade signs, painted murals, digital images, and new media).

  3. When art is protested (removal of certain images by crowds; issues of censorship).

  4. Digital Dissent: new media artists, events

  5. Contemporary global artists (regional indigenous visualization, gender and equity).

  6. How museums are addressing the BlackLivesMatter movement this year & a range of diversity and representation issues.

  7. How gallerists are addressing these issues and representing diverse artists.

  8. Biennials, Art Fairs, and the global art market in terms of diversity and equity.

  9. Equity in art education (traditional cannon vs. diversity; approaching social issues through school art).

Education Pedagogy: Elementary instruction in art education

Child development theory and creativity are examined in relation to contemporary practice in the elementary art classroom.  This course is designed to provide a foundation in curriculum design and teaching practice for future teachers working in elementary school contexts. The goal of the course is for students to understand principles and instructional strategies for engaging in meaningful, inclusive, and culturally responsive curriculum that is balanced across the disciplines of art. To achieve this, four overlapping features of teaching—the personal, the pedagogical, the curricular, and the professional—are addressed through a range of creative projects, readings, in-class activities, field work, and written reflection.


Honors Art Appreciation

This course provides a conceptual approach to discovering visual arts throughout human history.  Students will be exposed to an overview of major eras and movements in Western and Non-Western Art.  Students will be introduced to the practice of aesthetics in the visual arts, contemporary issues in interpreting and classifying art, and contemporary themes in artistic practice.


Research paper assignment and rubric


DEI Committee Event: Interview with Dr. Opal Lee, the ‘Grandmother of Juneteenth’

April 12, 2022

The event featured a discussion with Dr. Lee about her lifelong quest to have Juneteenth named as a national holiday to celebrate the emancipation of the last enslaved people in Texas in 1865. In 2021, her quest was fulfilled. Now, a museum dedicated to the history surrounding this event is planned for Dr. Lee’s home town of Fort Worth. 
As a DEI committee member, I provided support for several aspects of the event including the participatory art installation, donating funds towards the food for the event, and various
 duties during the event. The Art Education student liaison designed the posters and banners for to promote Dr. Lee’s visit and assisted with the art installation. 


Mentor Mural Project Director

This four-week program brought university art students together with nearby middle school students to design and paint four large murals. The project prompted the university students to leave the cocoon of campus and share their creative expertise. The younger students were excited to meet them. Organic conversations ranged from favorite foods, background stories, and the college experience. Both groups grew in artistic confidence and were able to connect with others outside their comfort zone.

Assistant Project Director

Developing and conducting launch events for a new Master of Arts degree in Urban Art Education Studies in Dallas for the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design.  Duties include establishing an online presence through the CVAD website and social media, orchestrating family art activities, establishing and enhancing community contacts, and organizing undergraduate students volunteering for the event, Spring 2016


IB Film Festival Founder and Co-Coordinator

District wide film program for International Baccalaureate high schools for Arlington ISD, promoting understanding of arthouse films, film making, and international perspectives, 2009-2013


IB Project World Founder and Co-Coordinator

International travel and service experiences for International Baccalaureate and other high school students. Duties include selecting and developing itineraries and educational content, preparing students, guiding and teaching while traveling.  2009-present.

Volunteer Service


Youth Mission Trip to New Orleans, TeamEffort Youth Missions 

Working with teens to rebuild an elderly man’s home that has been uninhabitable since Hurricane Katrina, July 2013


IB Project World Service Learning, Rome, Italy

Traveled with high school students to Rome where we participated in three service projects. The first was working in a kitchen and serving lunch to 400 homeless people. We spent another afternoon caring for injured birds and turtles at a sanctuary in the Borghese Gardens.  The final project was working with the Gruppo Archeologico team to uncover a lost portion of the Appian Way south of Rome. This archaeology project brought experiential learning to a new level for all of us.  March 2011


Habitat for Humanity volunteer

New Orleans, LA, several dates 2006-2008

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