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Studio Be in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

What Can Art Do?

Exploring the aesthetics of protest art and the visual culture of social justice as studio curriculum.

These resources, lessons, and project ideas are offered openly to art educators across the globe for professional use.

Not for resale or publication other than ©Lucy Bartholomee.

Books, Articles, Websites & More

The Art of Protest by Jo Ripon

In Collaboration with Amnesty International

History of protest art, 19th century to today

Young adult + University 

Anti-Racist Art Activities for Kids

Authors: Birhanu, Latimer, Liz, Santos, Slade and Wells

Kid friendly reading + art activities

Art of Protest: Creating, Discovering, and Activating Art for Your Revolution

By De Nichols

Kid friendly reading + art activities

Rise Up! The Art of Protest 

Authors: Jo Ripon and Mari Copeny

Review of visual and material culture of protest art (all ages)

(Additional resources coming soon.)

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