Current Writing Projects

Picture This: Creativity as a Philosophical, Personal, and Professional Practice.  Designed for university visual art studies, this book presents and discusses a targeted range of philosophies and perspectives about creativity integrated with the practice of being creative. Proposal is under review.

A Global Pursuit, Davis Publications. Coauthor for the textbook teacher's edition pedagogical material for middle school visual arts classrooms (ongoing). 

Articles accepted for publication upon revisions:  

"Chasing the Parade: Discover New Orleans visual culture and research methods for developing your own meaningful curriculum." Instructional Resource feature for Art Education Journal, anticipated 2021.

Bartholomee, L. (Forthcoming). A voice for creativity. SchoolArts Magazine, Davis Publication.

Academic Awards and Grants

University of North Texas Scholarly Research Writing Award, 2015

Collapsing Boundaries (pdf)

Onstead Institute Travel Award, 2015, 2017

Nancy Berry Scholarship in Art Education, 2015

McCarter Scholarship in Art Education, 2014, 2016

Nicholas & Anna Ricco Ethics Award, 2014

CVAD Student Project Award Grant for research 2014, 2016, 2017

Dean’s Research Fellowship, University of Texas at Arlington, 2006

ORCID # 0000-0003-3091-5749

Book Chapters

Bartholomee, L. (2021 anticipated). Discovering lostness: Wandering and getting lost as research methodology. In Lasczik, Cutter-Mackenzie & Rousell (Eds.), Walking as Critical Inquiry.  SABER series for Springer Publications. 

Bartholomee, L. & McBurnett, M. (2018). Creativity and critical thinking in visual arts. In J.B. Jimerson & S. Quebec Fuentes (Eds.), Instructional leadership in the content areas: Case studies for curriculum and instruction. New York, NY: Routledge/UCEA.

Bartholomee, L. (2018). New Orleans: America’s creative crescent.  In Art, creativity and politics in Africa and the African Diaspora. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

Scholarly Journals

Bartholomee, L. (2021). From solitude to solidarity.

Art Education Journal 74(4). Special series "Experiences in Distance and Isolation: Art Stories from the Pandemic," July 2021. 

Bartholomee, L. (2019). What is our creativity worth? Art Education Journal 72(5) 34-39.  


Bartholomee, L. (2017). Beyond the classroom: Discover the transformational power of living curriculum. Art Education Journal 70(6) 49-53.  DOI:10.1080/00043125.2017.1361775

Herman, D., Kraehe, A., Bartholomee, L., Lewis, T. (2017). 

Creating the city: An interview with Antonia Darder and Pepón Osorio. Policy Futures in Education 15(6), 791-802. Sage Journals.

DOI: 10.1177/1478210317723254


Making: Conference Proceedings from the International Society for Education through Art 2019 World Congress in Vancouver. Essay title "Is it Real? Questions of Place, Creativity and Conflict," p98-103.

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Coauthor for The Visual Experience, 4th edition textbook and primary author for the Teacher's Edition instructional material, Davis Publications, 2020.

Bartholomee, L. (2018). Create your future: Four arts-based leadership activities. Curriculum published by the American Council for International Studies.


Bartholomee, L. (2018). How does it feel to be creative? A phenomenological investigation of the creative experience in kinetic places.